Five Tips For A Great Morning Routine

One of the best ways to make sure your child is energized and ready when they go back to school is to set up a great morning routine! Having a great start to their day can propel kids to do better in school and have the right attitude. Check out some of these useful routines you can try with your children each morning:

1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having a nutritious and healthy breakfast is a boost for your child and helps them become more alert and active. It's great to turn breakfast into an activity to stimulate your child's mind before they go to the school. Try creating meals with your child that are healthy, easy, and fun to make. Your child will feel not only nourished, but also accomplished and confident as they helped make the meal. They can take this attitude with them to school. Also, eating the breakfast meals you made together is an excellent bonding experience, and at the breakfast table you can discuss how your child is feeling about going back to school.

2. Elevate your child's overall mood by playing happy uplifting music in the morning. Try playing your children's favorite songs and singing along to help them (and you) shake morning tiredness. If your child is in kindergarten, you can practice singing the songs they learn in school to get them prepared. You could even find songs specifically tailored to the mornining routine, such as a song about brushing their teeth so they have a sense of what they should be doing in the morning!

3. A good morning routine starts with the night before. Make sure your child gets as much as sleep as possible. Keep track of your child's sleeping habits and determine how much sleep they need according to their age. Having a good bedtime routine and plenty of sleep helps your child stay focused and awake during their morning routine. You can also consider preparing the next day's clothes lunch meals the night before to save time in the morning. This can mean less rushing and more time for bonding before they leave.

4. A morning routine chart that's lists all of the steps is a good idea. The chart helps maintain organization and consistency. It highlights the most essential things to focus on in the morning. The repetition of following the chart helps your children's memorization, and they will eventually know what to do without the chart.

5. Have an emergency kit in the car for things you might forget in the morning. Things can get hectic, and even with a well organized morning routine you and your child may forget something important. Packing a bag of backup items - healthy snacks, an umbrella, hair ties, gloves, or a sweatshirt - can avoid those "Oh no!" moments on the way to school.

How To Get Rid Of Lice This Back To School Season:


One issue parents must deal with during back to school season is treating head lice for their children. There are 6 million to 12 million cases of lice each year. Lice are prone to clinging to fine, thin hair and can be shared by close contact. Your child may have lice if you notice them scratching their hairs frequently or complaining of itchiness. To check for lice, hold your child's hair under a bright light. This will help you spot the lice or their eggs, called nits. Most kids only have 10 live lice at a time but can also have several hundred eggs!

So how do we treat and get rid of these lice? We should handle lice in a healthy and efficient way, avoiding toxic products that can cause adverse side effects ranging from rashes, to hair loss, seizures, permanent neurological damage, and even death. Lice combs are a great, chemical-free way to treat lice. These fine-toothed combs remove even the tiniest nits from your child's hair. Nit Free is a brand focused on natural ways of removing lice and do not use chemicals: https://www.amazon.com/Nit-Free-Terminator-Professional-Stainless/dp/B07...

How To Deal With Separation Anxiety


Another issue parents face when their child returns to school is separation anxiety. Your child can feel worried about being away from their parents, and do anything to try to stay home. They may fear going to school and be prone to crying, tantrums, and clinginess. There are many different methods to prepare your child and ease their separation anxiety. This article from Randi Goldfarb is extremely helpful and has many great tips for your children: https://www.enrichedparenting.org/content/tips-alleviating-seperation-an...

Another great resource is the book "“Yippee YaHoo! I am Going to School." This story uses an engaging approach and distinctive illustrations that evoke the process involved in achieving smoother goodbyes and celebrating being in school. Children, parents, and teachers can share in the full range of experiences for this significant milestone. Adults will also benefit from the specific tips included to help make day-to-day goodbyes much easier. Children will feel more empowered when separate from their parents. Parents and teachers will have more time to relish in sharing in the life of a child. All around town, parents will find themselves singing and teachers will hear their preschoolers humming “Yippee Yahoo! I am Going to School.”


Best Lunchbox Choices


Having a durable, eco friendly lunchbox that keeps food fresh is extremely important for the back to school season. They are so many choices. How can you decide which is the right one for your child? Click here for a full list that weighs the pros and cons of all the best lunchboxes.

One lunchbox we'd like to highlight is LunchBots Bento Trio Stainless Steel Food Container. What you should know:
- It has only 18/8 stainless steel, making the box durable even for kids at play.
- The box is insulated to keep the food warm.
- The material has no plastic or toxic chemicals.
- There are three food compartments divided for the main course and two sides.
- The covers are colorful, and you can choose your child’s favorite design.
- It is dishwasher-safe.
- The product is not leakproof, so the foods have to be dry and solid.