Dr. Leonard Kundel is a holistic dentist whose motto is “Your mouth is connected to your body and so it should be treated as such.” He believes while it is not always possible to completely avoid intervention, it is certainly possible to be kind about it. Education of adults and children is his essential task and responsibility, by spending time helping patients decide what is right for them."My mission for patients is to walk away from dental appointment knowing more. You will know how to help yourself and your child have healthy beautiful smile and a healthier and stronger body."

Besides general gentle dentistry, he is also addressing the problems that have to do with:

  • Breastfeeding difficulties
  • Growth and development in children
  • Sleep-disordered breathing in children and adults
  • Jaw joint related disorders
  • Chronic oral inflammatory diseases known to increase risk factors for common medical problems

He has also been studying Oral – Systemic connection for nearly two decades. "It has been my passion from day one. My path has taken me from being an orthodontic patient, and, as a result, to a TMJ patient, to a dentist that helps people with jaw pain. The understanding of connection between mouth and body is a foundation for my practice."
For more information on Dr. Kundel, or to contact him, please visit: www.stamforddentist.com