Dr. Michelle Klein is a third generation chiropractor, applied kinesiologist, and nutritionist. She works alongside her mother, Denise Forster who is a second generation acupuncturist and nutritionist. Dr. Klein has been practicing for the past 12 years in Great Neck, Long Island, Midtown Manhattan, and Williamsburg Brooklyn. She works with her patients of all ages, including infants and children, special needs children, and pregnant moms, to identify the root cause of their symptoms and to correct the underlying health challenge, taking into account their physical body, emotional mind, lifestyle and nutrition needs. She considers her patients to be partners in their healthcare and provides healing, guidance, and support throughout their health journey. When Dr. Klein is not seeing patients she gives health talks in the community and taking courses to further her education and advance her ability to help more people. In her personal time, Dr. Klein travels to see her nieces, spend time with family, snowboarding, hiking, visiting farmers markets, and exploring new cities.