Dr. Yehuda Frischman DAOM, L.Ac. received his master's degree in Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture from Dongguk Royal University in Los Angeles and his DAOM from Emperor's College in Santa Monica. He is is a physician who combines Chinese medicine, craniosacral therapy, orthomolecular nutrition, somato-emotional release, and other therapeutic modalities in a very holistic and functional manner to help his patients return to balance. He has been treating people, not diseases, since 2004, in order to bring them back to balance. When there is balance, there is health. He uses his keen understanding of the whole person to get to know, evaluate, and then treat the whole person - body, mind, and soul. In treating medical conditions, Dr. Frischman feels that healing cannot be achieved without addressing the patient's issues biochemically, bio-mechanically, and bio-electrically.

When Dr. Frischman started Chinese medical school in 2000, he asked, "There is homeopathic medicine, allopathic medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, etc. Where is Jewish Medicine?" That took him on a search of the holy books for Torah outlook on medicine and health. From numerous Torah sources, he identified Ten Principles of Jewish Medicine, and teaches them to his patients and students. While he and his wife, Yocheved, a functional medicine certified health coach, live in Yerushalayim, they work with patients worldwide, in person and in distance consults. Dr. Frischman is available for classes and workshops anywhere there is an interest.

Dr. Frischman can be reached at 323-617-0431 (Israel time, usually) or +972-2-641-5355, or by email at office@traditionaljewishmedicine.org.