Our Response

Although we welcome press, we do not appreciate the recent articles as they are inaccurate and misleading. To avert further confusion, we have changed our entity's name to Evaluating Novel and Relevant Information for Comprehensive Health and Emotional Development INC. Our organization is not affiliated nor did we create or distribute Peach magazine. We are an organization that supports religious, philosophical, and medical choice and are not, nor ever have been “anti” anything, other than coercion and loss of civil liberties. We support informed decision making and right of choice for all individuals. Our activities are geared toward education and health options on a wide variety of subjects, not limited to vaccine information. We do not avoid education nor limit open discussion and do not shy away from controversial topics. We recognize varied opinions and seek respectful dialogue. We are always looking to add resources and have been working on a separate resource for vaccine education so please keep checking back. The Buzzfeed news article stated “Representing the group, she (Rebecca Fleischmann) in 2017 signed a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services protesting current vaccine standards and accusing federal health officials of misleading the public about vaccines and autism.” Enriched Parenting was honored to have signed, along with over 55 other organizations nationwide, the ICAN submission to the HHS with regard to vaccine safety. We encourage you to read the HHS Notice in its entirety, along with the response of HHS and the most current reply to HHS.

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