Our Enriched Parenting team is a dynamic group of professionals and mothers whose passion for holistic living and parenting results in their unwavering dedication. Our team members all volunteer their expertise and time to our non-profit community and are not compensated for their support.

Our Team

Rebecca Fleischmann

Founder and Director of Enriched Parenting

Rebecca began Enriched Parenting in 2016 driven by her passion for wanting to spread awareness and education of holistic health to better the lives of children and families. Rebecca’s parents are both medical physicians, that raised her with the deep sentiment to always question status quo. Rebecca has her degree in special education and speech language pathology and was privileged to work for many years with children with autism. When expecting her first child she became an avid researcher. Currently, Rebecca resides on Long Island with her husband and four young daughters. Her experience and deep passion inspires her every day to further the vision of Enriched Parenting.

Yehudis C. Bauman

Malka Wolfson

Mary Mandel

Event Director
Event Coordinator
Women's Circle Coordinator
Yehudis grew up in Israel, speaking both Hebrew and English, and now lives on Long Island with her husband and four sons. Today, Yehudis teaches both Art and Hebrew classes. She became involved with Enriched Parenting in its beginning stages and her dedication to our team is unique. Yehudis is the Director of Enriched Parenting events and specializes in planning educational and entertaining events. Malka currently lives with her husband and daughter in long Island. She worked in special education and is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her passion for holistic health drives her to lead a holistic lifestyle for both her and her family. Malka's enthusiasm and positive vibe gives so much to our team and her dedication as a event coordinator for Enriched Parenting. Mary grew up in Brooklyn NY, and now lives on Long Island with her family. Mary was one of the original Enriched Parenting team members and has been dedicated from the start. Mary is the Founder of Baby Bundles a Breastfeeding Shoppe and she coaches mothers with nursing support and resources they need to succeed in breastfeeding. Mary's dedication and passion as the Director of the Enriched Women's Circle is evident in the meaningful themes she creates for each Rosh Chodesh event.

Chaiya Freidberg

Malki Marks

Social Media Manager
Graphic Artist
Online Forum Administrator
Chaiya Friedberg was born in Israel, raised in Melbourne, Australia and returned to Israel in 2002. She currently lives with her husband, Jeff and their two children Caleb and Daliyah in Far Rockaway, NY. She became interested in holistic health when she began school for massage therapy and found her passion when she had the opportunity to explore alternative methods. Chaiya currently works as a licensed massage therapist practicing in the general NY area and runs the Enriched Parenting's social media platform. Malki Marks is the graphic artist and part-time photographer for Enriched Parenting. She was raised in Queens and now lives there with her husband and two sons. She graduated from Touro College with a Bachelors' degree in Multimedia and Web design. Malki got involved with Enriched Parenting because of her passion for natural birthing and fell in love with the vision Enriched Parenting provides. Malki creates advertisements for Enriched Parenting events as well as photographs the events. TBA