Rebecca Fleischmann

Founder and Director of Enriched Parenting

Rebecca began Enriched Parenting in 2015 driven by her passion for wanting to spread awareness and education of holistic health to better the lives of children and families. Rebecca’s parents are both medical physicians, that raised her with the deep sentiment to always question status quo. Rebecca has her degree in special education and speech language pathology and was privileged to work for many years with children with autism. When expecting her first child she became an avid researcher. Currently, Rebecca resides on Long Island with her husband and four young daughters. Her experience and deep passion inspires her every day to further the vision of Enriched Parenting.

Here at Enriched Parenting,

We envision a world where all parents have the resources they need to raise wholesome, healthy, and happy children. Parents are the best positioned to guide and advocate for their children, so parents should be empowered to make the best decisions possible for their children.
Enriched Parenting is particularly focused on informing parents how to promote their children's lifelong physical and mental health. Parenting decisions start as early as conception, therefore we seek to support a parent's educational effort in areas including: pregnancy, nutrition, birth and medical decisions for general health and wellness.


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