What Is Moodtopia?


First off you may be asking what is MOODTOPIA? It is reaching a state where you are in ‘control of your moods, so your moods do not control you!’ All your moods are normal, natural and even healthy. Since women’s moods fluctuate more than men we need a few extra tools in our chest! Here are some easy tips to make sure your moods don’t over-take you and hold you hostage!

1. Honor your moods:

It is important to realize that the moods you are feeling are telling you something you need to know. If you are angry it can feel negative at the moment, but if you dig deep it can give you the push to change something. If you feel sad then take some time for yourself and explore what you are needing at that moment. Experiencing sadness can help you become more compassionate toward a friend in need. Just acknowledge your moods and know there is something you can learn from them, just try not to get stuck in them.

2. Do random acts of kindness:

Studies show that when you do unsolicited kind acts your cortisol levels drop and your blood pressure also lowers. Not only do you help the other person, but you reap the benefits also.

3. Wear colors in your palette:

Colors do affect our moods and can definitely boost us when we are down. Find a color you feel good in and save it for those days you feel unsettled. The energy of the color can improve your outlook.

4. Try some soothing herbs:

Herbs have been used for thousands of years to help aid us with our emotions. They can lower cortisol levels and boost our moods. I like them best in tincture form, diluted in a little water or juice.


is best used for nervous tension and anxiety feelings; you can feel the calming effect within twenty minutes of taking this herb. This is one of my favorites when you really feel stressed out!
Lemon Balm is both a calming herb and anti-viral. Therefore, this herb can be given when you are not able to relax and also at the first sign of a cold.

Fresh milky oats

is an herb whose effect is not felt right away, and can take a few weeks to work, but it is greatly beneficial for the nervous system after long-term stress, and works well when combined with the other herbs mentioned.


is an herb that is best used if a person is in a nervousness state that is accompanied by sadness. This herb helps when you having trouble falling asleep, or tend to shut down emotionally when nervous. This herb often takes a few days to work its way into your system but is worth the wait, because when it begins to work, it can really calm down the central nervous system.

Try incorporating some of these tips and wonderful herbs into your life and before you know it you will reach your personal MOODTOPIA.

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