Dr. Michelle Klein

Recently while playing with my nieces who are 1.5 and 4 years old I caught myself saying to them “be careful” in situations where they were truly safe. I recognized that I need to be more aware and conscientious of where my energy is and recognize from where my own fears or concerns were rooting. Since children pick up on our cues and the energy from their environment and I want them to grow up to be courageous, adventurous, healthy, happy, confident, generous women I am refocusing my energy for them to pick up on those parts that also make up who I am.
Think about your energy when you’re with your children. Are you present enough to recognize how your energy is impacting them? Are you aware of their energy? Are they expressing anxiety, fear, sadness, frustration, shyness, etc.? Just like water is H2O at the molecular level whether it is in the form of ice, water, or vapor our own energy can be transformed. For example, are you on your phone while your children are playing? When you are, there’s a natural disconnect between you and your children and you may miss the subtle shifts they are experiencing through play. Rather, with a conscious decision to maintain total presence you can realize what kind of energy your children are bringing to play and how their energy shifts as they interact with their environment.
Once you gain presence, connection, and awareness you can guide your children to understand their experiences in a tremendous way. You will notice that sometimes you will want to sit back and watch as they navigate their world and sometimes you will find tremendous opportunities for teaching and guidance. Because of your complete presence, you are able to support them in becoming their greatest version of themselves.