Dr. Alyssa Berlin

Schedule and eating frenzy, we can help you maximize your quantity and quality of sleep and improve your overall restfulness.
Here are 3 tips to help wrestle the sleep beast:
1. Know Yourself. It is important to help new moms and expecting moms evaluate their sleep needs and the quality and quantity of sleep that they are currently getting. You know if you are the type of person that can get by on less sleep or whether you need a more extensive sleep regimen to be functional. Once you figure out which side you fall on - you can create a plan to maximize sleep. This may include enlisting partners, family members or hiring outside help to minimize the burden of nighttime feedings and baby care.
2. Rest when baby is sleeping - notice I didn’t say sleep. Many of us have a hard time sleeping on demand - so I am letting you off the sleep hook - you don’t have to sleep when baby is sleeping - but I do want you to rest. So text any well meaning family and friends who might be inclined to break down the door if you don’t answer their call, throw your phone out the window (or put it in a drawer far far away from you) and find a cozy place to be vertical and let your Central Nervous System shut down for a little while and rest or meditate. Resting will trickle charge your batteries and may be a great time to catch up on your Netflix binge watching. Sleep is a plus but don’t feel like if you can't sleep you shouldn't rest.
3. Quality Matters. Remember that cozy place I referenced in number 2 - it is important to have a comfortable rest haven available to you. After all every moment of sleep is precious - so let’s make sure we maximize the potential with a comfortable mama friendly bed, quiet, clean room and blackout shades are a plus to promote optimal sleep or rest.
In spite of the above mentioned tips if you continue to struggle with shutting off your mind and sleeping at all, or perhaps you fall asleep at night, but frequently wake up in middle of the night and struggle to get back to sleep in spite of being super tired or perhaps the opposite is true and all you want to do is sleep. If you identify with any of the above scenarios it is a good idea to speak with a mental health care practitioner and check in and see if more is going on than new-mom I mean exhaustion. You don’t have to struggle alone.
Stay tuned for upcoming tips to climb your way to a happier postpartum and a more satisfying relationship with your significant other.