Dr. Miriam Pineles

Here at the clinic it’s been a challenging Autumn.

Along with the change of season and cooler autumn breeze, many of our long-time patients were suddenly coming in with acute anxiety, insomnia and stomach upset, and we had an influx of new patients coming in for help with anxiety, depression and insomnia. Everyone’s life seemed to be turning upside down. Was it a coincidence?

No. It was simply Autumn coming in and we at Conscious Health and Wellness, Inc. knew to expect this because the Ancient Chinese scholars understood that with each season comes a shift in energy and emotion.

Summer energy is light, bright and upward- it’s warm out, we want to be outside and have fun, we have more energy for things.

The shift into Autumn brings a downward energy- cooler air brings us indoors more, the days become shorter bringing less light, and we begin to feel an air of sadness and grief, and we often don’t know why...